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Family Support

Single Service Request Form

Would you like some further support from our Outreach and Family Support Team?  If so please complete the attached form

Family Support/Outreach Workers

You know your child best and like all parent/carers you want what is best for your child, we do not have all the answers, but we can help you find them by:

Providing support, resources and advice around a range of issues, including:

  • finding local groups for you and your child to attend
  • positive parenting and managing your child’s behaviour, boundary setting, child development
  • financial difficulties/worries
  • support around transition points i.e: birth, settling into pre-school, school
  • support for parents wishing to return to education, employment or training
  • working with parents/carers to manage their own well-being and to build their confidence

How do I arrange to meet my Family Support or Outreach Worker?

Parents and carers can refer themselves for family support by:

  • Contacting the Children’s Centre by phone or coming in to talk to us
  • Attending one of our groups/activities
  • Talking to their Health Visitor, Pre-school, Midwife or other Professionals