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Courses & Workshops


  • You and Me, Mum (319KB)

    A 10 week course for mothers which will help you understand how domestic abuse affects you as a parent and how it affects your children.

  • Baby Massage (225KB)

    Courses run regularly across the Stevenage North area.

  • Parenting Puzzle (507KB)

    A FREE 10-week nurturing programme for parents/carers.

  • Family Toolkit (506KB)

    The Family Toolkit is a series of four workshops to support anyone in a parenting role.

  • Families Feeling Safe (124KB)

    The Families Feeling Safe programme is to help parents and carers take charge of their lives


We offer the following workshops. Please look at our timetable for further information.

Is my child ready to use a potty/toilet?

Is my child ready? Come along to a workshop covering

  1. Top tips to toilet training
  2. Self-care skills after going to the toilet.
  3. How to handle accidents appropriately.
  4. Toilet training aids and books to share with your child about toileting and where to get them from.
  5. Were to get further support if needed

First Aid

A 2 hour workshop covering basic baby and child first aid.

£5 per place.