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Specialist Settings

TRACKS autism

TRACKS autism is a specialist early years centre for children with an autistic spectrum condition.

We provide a calm environment for up to 10 children per session in which they can learn, play and explore their world safely. We have a very high staff ratio allowing for a mix of 1-1 and small group activities.

Every child is a unique individual which is why we create a tailored learning plan that aims to enable them to achieve their potential.



Developmental Opportunities, Visual Experiences & Support

We believe that all pre-school children with a visual impairment should have the best opportunity to develop visual/tactile, social & independence skills.

DOVES are early years’ groups run by the Physical and Sensory Impairment Team for parents and carers of those babies and pre-school children (0-4 years) who are supported by the visual impairment team.

DOVES are run by specialist teachers and early years’ specialists with the additional qualification in the education and support of children with a visual impairment.

For more information please email Annina Aylward-Herd at annina.aylward-herd@hertfordshire.gov.uk